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Psychomotor Therapy during home lockdown: MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL

By Maëlle ALLANORE, Julie CHAGNEAU, Lucile NEVEUX, Antoine ROGER MOELLIC, Christelle SBASNIK (psychomotor specialists)

We established a list of specific psychomotor activities to help you maintain contact and communication with your teenager, offering him times to play and interact, without forcing him to do so.

Enjoy together!


- Allow free time for your child while maintaining a structured routine such as regular wake-up times, mealtimes, and daily schedule.

- Allow him to keep some free time and encourage him to keep a social life by calling, Face Timing people, and using the internet.

- Encourage him to keep up a good hygiene, to wash, dress up and exercise.

- Help him with schoolwork through video conferencing.

- Let him enjoy time of solitude and isolation when he feels the need to.


a) Daily routine

- House chores: include your teenager in house chores to develop his sense of responsibility, mobilize his attention and his motor skills.

- Yoga together: everyone put their phones down and turn off the screens for a moment of leisure.


- Pilates

- Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psyExnCkcXU

- Tabata: the goal is to release pent-up feelings and unwind


- Dancing

b) Going further

- Basketball: Create a space to play basketball, use a ball, roll socks in a ball, make a ball with paper … play games (distance to goal etc.) and keep score!

- Practice balance: place sturdy objects on the floor and ask him to step on them without putting his feet down.

- Time’s up: play Charades or word guessing games with famous people or movies.

- Physical challenges: use cards or a dice, set the rules, and play. For example, if you get the queen of hearts jump up and down for 2 minutes…

- Put an unbreakable object on your head and walk around the house for as long as you can.


a) Daily routine

- Cooking : have him cook simple recipes he likes.

- Plan a full meal: from dressing up the table to cooking, serving, and cleaning up.

- Laundry: have him participate in sorting, washing, drying and folding the family clothes.

b) Going further

- Paper crafting : https://creativepark.canon/fr/categories/CAT-ST01- 0071/top.html

- Racing: transfer pasta from one bowl to another using chop sticks as fast as you can.

- Do it yourself: take apart old electrical machines and try to put them back together.

- Dominos: create a domino track.

- Pyramids: build up pyramids with cards, matches, etc.

- Journal keeping.

- Customizing tote bags, shoes…

- Make your own slime https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/656047870703965825/


- Darkness: be in a room, close your eyes and listen to a noise, walking into its direction until you reach the source of the sound.

- Hide and seek

- Board games: cards, connect 4, pictionnary, Scattergories…

https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/370843350566260104/ https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/572520171373986661/

- Hide and seek objects https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/310889180518377853/

- Sudoku

- Labyrinths

Translated by Muriel Beaudier Castille

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